Utrecht Wine School News and Courses update 2022

Hello everyone,

I have been very quiet on the business / social medial here for my wine and sale channels. There is a good reason for this. This is an update on the upcoming 2022 wine and sake courses that I had planned for launching Utrecht Wine School. 

In November I fell pregnant and pretty much from the early get go I got extremely ill (baby is healthy and doing well inside) however for the past few months and continuing on now, I have been suffering from something called Hyperemisis gravidarum. Think extreme morning sickness but worse and 24/7. I have been mainly on bed rest since before Christmas and only recently have been able to handle eating again despite still on anti sickness and nausea medications. It’s been a roller coaster and I kept thinking that each week I would improve and by early summer (then I will be in my third trimester) but hopefully I could give a couple of my SSA sale courses online. I have thought hard and as I am still not well I have decided to postpone all planned courses/ classes with my wine school for 2022 and the health of myself and my baby is priority. 

During maternity leave I plan to develop content for both @utrechtwineschool and @ikigaisake. I will open 2023 courses and also plan some video course content and tasting packages for both wine and sake topics. So please do stay tuned. I have many exciting plans for both businesses.

If you are still reading this, thank you so much, my apologies for now not having 2022 course offerings and please stay tuned.

Kind regards,


Owner, Founder and Educator of Utrecht Wine School and Ikigai Sake.